Alternatives to get BBC Channels without Big Dish


  • IPTV if you have Broadband of at least 1Mbit/S per Channel
    30€ per month for a reliable System with catchup or one off 220€ for Android Settop Box with remote control based on FilmOn Service without monthly charge. Both come with an easy to use remote control and behave like an ordinary SetTopBox. 
  • Intelsat working on 1,30m Dish giving you BBC 1,2,3  ITV,  Channel4 channels in HD with a pirate Box, no Internet required. Its illegal and every 3month you might loose it until the new codes are avialable. Boxes about 200€ and Dish of 1,30 all together about 500€
  • ITV 2,3,4 Channel 4 and Channel 5 on a 1.10m Dish having a Sky HD Box and a Freeview Card
  • Mixture of FreeToAir Channels. Upgrade your existing Dish to Arabsat Channels on 26degree, gives you like 10 extra Movie Channels. Apart you can change many TDT Spanish Channels into english language.